Welcome to the home of Bob’s Awesome Books where you can find the books of author Bob Pierce and read a bit about them, meet the author and even get in touch if you like. Bob’s books are generally filled with fast-moving action and adventure but each story is filled with human interrelations that can be intimate, inspiring and sometimes even heart-breaking. There are winners and there are losers and the good guys aren’t always all that good and the bad guys maybe not so bad and rarely do the stories end as the reader might think they would…or should.

As you read each book you will find yourself relating to each main character as Bob brings out the depth of each one, layer by layer, until you know each one so intimately that you cannot help but become engaged. You will either love or hate each one in ways that will draw upon your emotions and empathy on a level that might just catch you by surprise.

Under the pull-down menu above are all of the available titles from Amazon. Bob is constantly creating and publishing new ones. So far the creative muse has brought him to Ireland, Russia, Africa, the Civil War, Vietnam, and even Michigan. Many are at least partly centered on the North Country of New England where certain recurring characters call home.

So we invite you to explore the world of Bob’s Awesome Books and lose yourself in a story that might just not leave you until you’ve read it again and again.

The new video blog series “From The Studio” on the Bob’s Awesome Books YouTube channel will help you as a writer to get your book project finished and self-published. It’s not a creative writing course but, rather, a series of videos to help you get past those road blocks that keep you from getting the great ideas in your head down to be published. Bob shares the experiences and lessons he’s learned along the way.

The first videos address common issues that he’s heard from attendees of his live seminars that seem to stop writers in their tracks: “I can’t find time to write” and “I can’t seem to get past the first chapter.” In these videos he’ll also show you ideas for organizing your project to keep the creative flow going with minimal interruptions.

Later videos will look at story arc, character development, the layout of your pages for publishing, illustrations, copyrights and the psychology of cover design (yes, a book is very much judged by its cover). Watch this web page for announcements of new postings or follow the Bob’s Awesome Books FaceBook page where you’ll see some of the behind-the-scenes musings and details as each new project is developed and each new video posting as they become available.

Oh, and it’s free! Check out the “From The Studio” page on this website for a short description of each one and a link to them on the YouTube page or, if you like, you can go right there and check them out. And Bob is always happy to help with questions along the way – the email address in under the Contact pull-down header above. To be fair, he’s not really good about checking e-mail but he will get back to you – promise.