Projekt Sixteen, The Umbutu Scenario – The Latest Release from Bob Pierce

“I Am Become Death…”

During the Cold-War’s nuclear arms race, the Soviet Union devised and built a network of nuclear devices amounting to a doomsday bomb, a legend amongst the intelligence communities of the west. The project was abandoned for decades until a madman bent on world domination began to restore and retrofit the network and now threatens to force his new world order or blow it up altogether. With the Russian Federation denying the project’s very existence and the rest of the world’s nations risking the fate of billions of lives by using the situation as a political football, Russian FSB agents who discovered the operation turn to Rí Ard Eamon O’Neill and the Lámdearg for help. They inject themselves into the fray, assemble an unlikely team and set out to disable the bombs and stop the Russian mobster at any cost.

They are the world’s only hope. If they fail, everyone will die…everyone.

This fast-paced adventure pits the Lámdearg against forces with their own agendas who would block them from stopping what could be the end of civilization on the planet. They bring together a motley team to save it, forcing historical enemies to work together, forming collaborations across cultures and generations and making choices that mean life or death — even their own. The action is non-stop from the very beginning and doesn’t let up until the last page of the last chapter. 

ISBN-13: 978-1984267627         ISBN-10: 1984267620



As I go through life, I see the human experience all around me manifested in so many ways – from the rich and powerful, to the poor and helpless – all working and struggling for some of the same things: to be loved and respected, to be important to those they care for, and to leave a legacy for their children and for mankind. These things may widely scaled and often times even subconscious but nevertheless fairly universal be it for good or for evil.

The stories in each of my books take a long view of life, looking at it as Shakespeare once noted as “all the world is a stage and the people actors upon it.” From God’s point of view this statement is certainly true though there does not seem to be any script for this particular production, He is aware of the plot, the dialogue and on occasion (by invitation or by design) intervenes with directions both subtle and dramatic.

Click on the links above for my various titles and read the brief descriptions. Each tome has a moral to it or, at the very least, an illustration of that human condition that is often inspiring and sometimes tragic but always very real.

Generally, my books are set in real places and enveloped in real history. Though I hesitate to use the term, they can each be categorized as “historical fiction” of one sort or other. From the old west to rural New England to the streets of Prague and the troubles of Northern Ireland, each one is a tour of good and evil, bravery and triumph and reviews frequently repeat that they are page-turners that the readers just could not walk away from.

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