One Kill: Hunting Lilith

Writer Jack Walsh, an admitted neanderthal and proud curmudgeon, is approached with a very unique and dangerous proposition — to write the biography of Lilith (so nicknamed by law enforcement), the most proliferate and cold-hearted contract assassin in the world. Beautiful, sophisticated and elusive, she has lived a dark life of lies and legend. Her biography would tell the unvarnished truth  — the evil and the good — as she plans to end her dubious, decades-long career and vanish forever. Her motives are a mystery but her pitch is tantalizing, a sure best-seller, but he’s not a biographer, he’s a noir police mystery writer, but she’s determined that he is the best man for the job and convinces him to take on the project.

The FBI, CIA, Interpol, Illuminati, FSB, MI-6 and a host of others see that their best opportunity for finally catching her is to follow Jack and his research assistant, David Wharton, from his home in Vermont to clandestine meetings throughout the world. The secrets that will be contained in Jack’s book cannot be revealed so once Lilith is dispatched, Jack and David are next.

For the next year they fly to various locations around the globe to meet with her and do their deep-probing research for the book. She shares with them the cold reality of her life with all of its depravity and bloody savagery. Jack digs deep to discover the humanity behind the monster and unexpectedly begins to find his own. It scares him but makes him want to become a better man. He’s effected in ways that he could never have predicted. As they are chased and hunted from city to city, she protects them with the same deadly skills that they witness first hand to their horror.

Lilith’s motive is shrouded in mystery. She is perfectly deadly, meticulous, tactically uncompromising, has no specific motus-operandi, strikes without warning and leaves no trace behind. David insists that she’s inhuman, a cancer. At the same time she is the classiest, most refined, most beautiful and alluring woman either of them had ever met and Jack cannot help himself from being romantically drawn to her though he knows she could kill him in the blink of an eye without a second thought.

Retired FBI agent Lucas Crowder, consulting with the Bureau’s Lilith Task Force, continues his pursuit, seeking to satisfy his own unfinished obsession and an unspoken, personal agenda.

All the while the puppetmasters, the shadowy Lámdearg, watch and bide their time.

“One Kill: Hunting Lilith” is a relentless, fast-paced adventure filled with intricately woven plots, mysteries, disturbing images and hidden agendas. Spies, law enforcement agents, people and things that aren’t what they appear to be and the gruesome reality that, for some, life is cheap and even disposable. Like being frozen with fear as one stares into the cold, dead eyes of a snake that, at any moment, could strike without warning — or reason. All of which sprinkled with Jack Walsh’s signature sarcasm and cave-man approach to anyone and everyone around him and David Wharton’s sideways editorial comments and thinly-veiled insults. A tale of love, hate, life, death, blood and life-altering fear.