Over the past few years, America and the world have experienced crippling restrictions and mandates from our governments in an attempt to curtail the COVID pandemic. Conspiracy theories aside (though I do so love a good conspiracy theory), we’ve all felt the effects and, in some ways, they still linger. As a result, it’s easy to relate to Dennis Foster and his wife, Livvy, who have to deal with what begins as a very positive and exciting opportunity working at a secret, government laboratory at Area 51. The manipulations, demands and accusations slowly crush them until, finally, the full weight of the government and it’s various agencies comes to bear and tears them apart.

But, as we’ve weathered the storm of COVID and all that came with it, The Atomic Deli, A Dangerous Love Story is a story of hope as the couple finds ways to cope and survive, hoping to walk away and leave it all behind them in the end. The story will surprise readers with the depths that the government would sink to for their agenda. So many elements of the story will ring familiar and wonder if those things they’d read about over the last decades were really true.

Devotion to one another and an attitude of us-against-the-world all coupled with a dose of faith — though all appears lost — they find a way to fight their way back through the maelstrom.

The Atomic Deli, A Dangerous Love Story

ISBN: 9798444951170

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