One Kill: Hunting Lilith

Bob Pierce weaves a compelling story of adventure, peril, and frightening self-discovery.

She was beautiful, alluring and deadly, credited with dozens of brutal contract killings. He was a celebrated writer and a social neanderthal who generally found his fellow man to be an annoyance and distraction. Their worlds collide when she recruits him to write her biography. He is captivated, intoxicated and slowly finds himself relating with her scarred humanity and it scares the daylights out of him.

She was a black widow — and he knew it — but still he couldn’t resist a strange, self-destructive attraction. She’d been hunted by international law enforcement agencies and particularly by one obsessed FBI agent for over two decades to no avail. Now, to find her, they realize they can follow the writer to their secret meetings and once she’d been eliminated, he would be next to keep her secrets from being published and the implications that would follow.

All the while the puppetmasters, the shadowy Lámdearg, watch and bide their time.

“While plumbing the depths of the world’s most proliferate and most wanted contract killer, probing deep into her soul and her psyche
to seek out any shards of humanity to help tell her story, I found myself relating and  inadvertently discovered my own.
A frightening and, at times, crippling process — the most introspective and life-changing experience of my life.”

One Kill: Hunting Lilith” is a relentless, fast-paced adventure filled with intricately woven plots, multi-level mysteries, disturbing images and hidden agendas. A psychological thriller that challenges the reader to relate and realize their own humanity. Spies, law enforcement agents, people and things that aren’t what they appear to be and the wrenching process of self-discovery. Like being frozen with fear as one stares into the cold, black eyes of a snake that at any moment could strike without warning — or reason. All of which sprinkled with Jack Walsh’s signature sarcasm, David Wharton’s snarky comments and author Bob Pierce’s vivid images, attention to realism and depth of each unique character. A tale of love and hate, life and death, triumph and tragedy, sacrifice and life-altering terror.