About Bob Pierce

The Artisan

I was born and brought up in southern New England and presently make my home in northern Vermont, working out of my studio there where I can see Canada from my house – well, almost. I’m married and have three married sons and five beautiful granddaughters. One of my sons works in the foreign service, one is the webmaster for a university and my eldest (who shot this photo of me in the hat) is a professional motorsports photographer and has shot some of the photos and illustrations for my books (most recently, for Hunting Lilith). My wife and I attend a small Baptist church in an even smaller northern town and have a love for the quiet, simple rural life away from the intensity of cities and all that they contain (though they’re often fun to visit, however briefly).

My mother’s passion for her Irish heritage has sparked in me the same – and growing – passion and my youngest son is also enamored with his Gaelic history, out of which was born the Lamdearg, the secret, shadowy organization based in Northern Ireland that has become the basis (overtly or covertly) of many of my books and a few new ones that I have planned.

I find myself so driven creatively that I never seem to find time to do much to promote my work. To be truthful, writing and painting have always been the greatest of priorities to me and my greatest joy. Having to write about myself and put together a website (as I’m doing here) or schlepping out to do art shows or book readings/signings is kind of a drag to me but, as I’m reluctantly being convinced, a necessary evil. Thanks to my computer-savvy sons for their help, otherwise this website may never have seen the light of day.

The spark of inspiration carries me in so many various ways and, I’ve found that, allowing myself to be carried along is imminently rewarding. This is my life, this is my passion and – to God’s glory – this is my legacy.