From The Studio

After having written and self-published over a dozen novels, author Bob Pierce had partnered up with another independent author and presented a number of live seminars on how to get a book written and published. The distinction being this they were not creative writing seminars but, rather, tips and techniques on getting organized, inspired and motivated. So many authors have great ideas for a story but just can’t seem to get it together and their projects languish, sometimes for years. With the greater availability of self-publishing venues today, it’s all the more possible to get that finished manuscript produced into ink-and-paper novels.

Bob’s video series, called “From The Studio,” will cover every aspect of the process and share his techniques and tricks of the trade. Having been in the printing and publishing business for several decades, he has a great understanding of how the nuts-and-bolts of the process work and will share many industry tips to help streamline your project and help you realize the dream of becoming a published author.

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And always remember, these videos are free. And Bob is always happy to help with questions along the way – the email address in under the Contact pull-down header above. To be fair, he’s not really good about checking e-mail but he will get back to you – promise.