The Atomic Deli

A Dangerous Love Story

Could a man and wife, devoted and happily married for years, withstand the lies and manipulations of a government conspiracy intent on using his stature as an eminent physicist to re-energize the popular culture of UFOs and aliens to hide the development of ultra-secret stealth and spy aircraft at Area Fifty-One?

When Dr. Dennis Foster is recruited for work at a secret laboratory called Facility R-Four-Seven to reverse-engineer alien technologies, he is shown behind the curtain while working there. He sees the saucers and witnesses an alien autopsy and told about amazing and disturbing — even macabre — government secrets.

When the government has gotten out of him just what they wanted and they’re ready to cut him loose, his life is systematically torn apart. He’s fired under contrived and crippling circumstances. He’s accused of the most heinous of infidelities. His career is destroyed. The IRS seizes the couple’s assets, they lose their home, his collegiate degrees and professional credentials evaporate. The stress and strain on their marriage finally takes its ultimate toll.

Crushed, despondent, alone and running for his life with sinister men in black hunting him down to silence him, he has nothing left to lose. He goes public and tells all he knows.

Exactly as planned.

Could she ever forgive him?

Best-selling author Bob Pierce once again weaves a compelling story that, after years of pandemic restrictions and mandates, everyone can relate to. Readers will find themselves cheering for the Fosters as they are led through a labyrinth of government secrets and manipulations, desperately struggling to stay together. Devotion to one another, an attitude of us-against-the-world all coupled with a dose of faith — though all is lost — they find a way to fight their way back.

The Atomic Deli, A Dangerous Love Story

ISBN: 9798444951170

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