Soldiers Statesmen Thieves & Spies

James “Wild Bill” Hickok was a legendary lawman, gunfighter, gambler and, during the Civil War, a spy. When the Confederate capital of Richmond fell at the end of the war, President Jefferson Davis and what was left of his government fled the city bringing with them the entire Confederate treasury and the assets of the banks of Richmond. In the next couple of weeks the war would be over, Abraham Lincoln assassinated, Davis arrested and the treasury had vanished.

Legends and stories abound about what may have happened to the gold. Some say that it was hidden somewhere to fund the resurrection of the Confederacy, but what did Hickok have to do with it? Recruited by the Union for one last spy mission and with the aid of Moses Jones and old friend Samuel Clemens, Hickok orchestrated the covert diversion of the treasury to a vastly different cause.

Best selling author, Bob Pierce, weaves a compelling story of danger, deception and lies framed within history itself. Former adversaries working secretly in concert while others were led on to unwittingly help in the cause. It’s a story of statesmen, soldiers, thieves and spies and of a vast treasure and an incalculable and enduring mystery.