Sherlock Holmes – The Lothian Conspiracy

Living in reclusion, a retired Sherlock Holmes feels useless and irrelevant and slips slowly into an atrophying melancholy until a nefarious woman from his past shows up unexpectedly at his doorstep and draws him into a new adventure. Against the backdrop of the First World War and the unrest in both England and Ireland following the Easter Rising revolt, the simple task of escorting a young boy to Belfast becomes ominously complicated and dangerous at every turn — nearly as complicated and dangerous as his burgeoning relationship with the notorious Irene Adler.

Bob Pierce, author of best-selling action adventure novels Hunting Lilith, The Dakota Chronicle, Ascention, and others, lends his well-known passion for spinning tales of action, adventure and interwoven plots to the venerable character of Sherlock Holmes. True to the traditions of  the character, he brings out Holmes’ humanity, idiosyncracies and indominable spirit in a compelling story rife with the dangers of the times, bawdy Irish shipyard workers (his Irregulars) and a mysterious ethereal visitor with his own unspoken agenda.

“I haven’t read a work of fiction in probably 30 years and I just finished this book. It was a most enjoyable read, Bob, hard to put down, and I loved the ending which leaves me pining for the next story!”

— Bill Gendreau