Blood on the Moskva

She was a beautiful young woman of privilege, the only daughter of a powerful minister of the Russian Duma. Murdered in her suite at an exclusive resort in Dubrovnik, suspicions immediately fall upon the Russian mobster boss-of-bosses. The Kremlin calls in Detective Yuri Rozanov and his FSB Vory Section team to arrest him in a planned media circus. But Rozanov senses a face-saving political event when he’s shown no real evidence to support the government’s case and so launches his own investigation. Frustrated by the Kremlin’s interference and road blocks, his team is immersed into the notoriously depraved Moscow nightclub scene in the thick of ruthless mobsters and international espionage as they work to winnow away the long list of suspects that includes mobsters, spies, the victim’s many lovers, her dubious friends and even her own father. They face threats to their lives and careers both from within and without, side-stepping political entanglements and getting their hands dirty as they dig deeper to ultimately find the truth and get real justice for the murdered woman and her family.

“Just finished [Blood on the Moskva],
I think it’s your best one yet.
Lots of characters and they were very well developed.
I loved it.” –Linda S.

Author Bob Pierce weaves another fast-paced mystery bringing his readers through a labyrinth of deductions, political intrigue, cultural minefields and misdirections with his usual pension for action, vivid characters and sharp, rapid-fire dialogue. Blood on the Moskva is a dangerous and confronting work with shocking revelations at every turn. A wild ride with soaring highs and crashing lows. Readers will want to ride out this roller coaster time and time again.