The Dakota Chronicle: The Quest for Happily Ever After

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A Haunting Story Of A Man Whose Past Holds Him Hostage Throughout His Life Until He Is Forced To Make An Unthinkable Choice

Dak 2 Cover ThumbGritty, powerful and clever, The Dakota Chronicle by Bob Pierce (now in its second edition) paints a sometimes dark and sometimes hopeful picture of a man seeking the happiness he truly believes is attainable in life. The story explores a wide spectrum of emotion, hope, anger and fear in the heart and soul of a man who makes his living efficiently and brutally killing others. What is the price of freedom? The cost of happily-ever-after?

Serving his country as a C.I.A. surgical assassin during the waning years of the Vietnam war, Dakota believes that he has found true joy and happiness in the midst of the decay and depravity that was wartime Saigon, only to see his family brutally destroyed when the city falls to the communist forces in the spring of 1975.

Viet BattlefieldHe blames God and vows to paint the world with blood. For over two decades, each mission becomes a bloody statement of rage and defiance. But years later, when he has lost everything and everyone he had ever cared about, the nightmares begin and in some appears a Plains Indian who had mentored him as a boy, bringing cryptic messages and life lessons.

One day, Dakota serindipitously wanders into a storefront church in Boston where he befriends the pastor who helps him walk away from his life of violence and haunting pain. He fakes his own death, changes his name and disappears into the idyllic, rural White Mountains of New Hampshire to finally, hopefully, live happily ever after.

But when his dark past suddenly catches up with him years later, he has to decide how to protect those he loves without allowing the beast within to again run wild. What choices will he have to make; what will he have to sacrifice?

ISBN-13: 978-1482704983      ISBN-10:  1482704986

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